Siemens Desigo – Software

Desigo CC – the integrated building management platform

Desigo CCTM is the latest building management platform from Siemens. The development of this completely new software is based on our state-of-the- art technology, extensive international expertise and more than 30 years of experience in building technology. Powerful, new patented functionalities and capabilities provide optimal control of your facility. A global team of experts designed the user interface and workflow concepts for maximum efficiency. Desigo CC gives you a comfortable, easy and efficient approach to operate, monitor, supervise, optimize and manage your facility. Desigo CC also ensures and prepares your installed systems for future migrations. Web client options reduce maintenance costs over the entire life cycle. With its future-oriented and discipline-independent approaches, Desigo CC enhances and protects your investments today and in the future.

Desigo CC – The Integrated Building Management Platform Brochure
Desigo Building Automation Brochure

Flexible and easy to use

Desigo CC is a flexible building management platform that simplifies tasks and processes in an intelligent way. It allows you to complete building control and safety tasks in a fast, secure and comfortable manner.

Enhanced user experience

The ease of use is enhanced by state-of- the-art operation capabilities that meet today’s user needs. With leading-edge Drag-and-Drop and Copy-and-Paste func- tionalities, Desigo CC’s local and Web engineering capabilities, means location- independent, meet the needs of all types of users. Best-in-class scalable graphics adapt automatically to the user’s work- space size, for comfortable, easy and efficient system management.

Open platform for easy integration

Desigo CC is based on a SCADA platform, making it fully compliant with BACnet Advanced Operator Workstation (B-AWS) and enabling integration from single to multiple building disciplines, such as building management – heating, ventila- tion and air conditioning, lighting and shading – up to fire safety and security.

A true open platform

Desigo CC is designed to meet your current and future needs for building manage- ment, fire safety and security. Its flexible, open platform solidly positions you for the future without locking you into a closed, proprietary system. As a stan- dards-based platform that works with many communication protocols, it is truly open.

Integration for superior control

Desigo CC is designed for integration. It interacts with single and multiple disci- plines such as building management – heating, ventilation and air conditioning, lighting and shading – up to fire safety and security. Desigo CC has a native 64-bit system that easily integrates into the modern IT landscape and virtual environment.

A platform that grows with your needs

Every building presents unique challenges. Desigo CC was designed to help you man- age and adapt to the changing needs of your unique facility and organization. You can customize the interface to show the details you need about a building system, area or piece of equipment.

Efficient support and secure operation

Desigo CC makes reporting easy. Its powerful report engine includes a wide range of standard reports and lets you create and customize reports that can be tailored with real-time charts, graphs and other relevant images and pictures.