Data is consolidated onto a single system to improve reporting, information management and decision-making. Integrating and managing the HVAC, energy, security, digital video and life safety applications from a single workstation allows facility-wide insight and control for better performance.

Strategic mobile or desktop control, exceptional alarm management and integrated security solutions helps to see the big picture, helping to speed up response time and mitigate risks for the property, people and business.

The WebCTRL building automation system's open architecture and support for industry standards make integration with third-party mechanical and electrical building subsystems easy. The WebCTRL system is capable of supporting multiple protocols over a TCP/IP network, allowing many pieces of equipment to be connected directly to the main WebCTRL system backbone.

Equipment using BACnet can be connected to an IP, ARCNET, or MS/TPnetwork segment. Automated Logic's Open Systems Integration allows for seamless interconnection to equipment using BACnet, Modbus® interface units, N2, JBUS® digital electronic devices, or LonWorks® network software, as well as an extensive list of proprietary protocols.